Technology Tickets

To create a technology support ticket, go to the Deer Lakes homepage, under the resources section, and select "IT Help Desk".

Select the "Sign in" option in the upper-right.

Select "Sign in with Google".

Sign in with your Deer Lakes account. You may need to reenter your password.

After logging in, Use the "New Ticket" button to create a new ticket.

As you fill in the ticket fields notice that any related support solutions appear on the right side of the screen.

Press Submit to complete your ticket.

Your ticket will be displayed. You can reply to or close the ticket from this page.

If you experience any issues accessing the ticket system then you can still create a ticket be sending an email to The email will automatically generate a ticket.

You may also contact the technology department by emailing which will reach all members of the department, or by dialing extension 6680 which will call each member of the department. The contact information the department can also be found on our staff page of the school website.

Maintenance Tickets

To create a maintenance ticket, go to the Deer Lakes homepage, under the resources section, and select "Work Order Maintenance".

Enter your username and password.

The Password lookup link at the bottom of the screen can be to retrieve your password.

If you experience issues logging in then please contact the Technology Department for assistance.

Select WorkTrakkerPRO

Use the menu on the left to report a new problem.

Select the type of problem.

Fill out the fields to explain the issue.

Press "Submit Request" to complete your ticket.

Please report any issues to the Technology Department.