When the Technology Department hands back a laptop that has been erased there are a couple of optional one-time, tasks that must be done while logged in as the user. Here are a few items that you may wish to cover when you are given a clean laptop.

This is for a regular computer (running Windows). These items do not apply to Chromebooks.


  • If you cannot login then make sure that the computer is connected to employee WiFi.
    • Please contact the technology department if you need the employee password.


  • Microsoft Word will ask about updates then want to activate your copy of Office.
    • Simply choose "install updates" and then allow the program to activate online".
  • Drive File Stream
    • Open Drive File Stream and sign in. (Detailed instructions coming.)
  • Chrome
    • Follow Chrome's directions to set Chrome as your computer's default browser, pin the icon to the taskbar, and sign into Chrome. (Detailed instructions coming.)